Thursday, February 4, 2010

Die Ye Citizens Of Geminate(IC)

I woke up this morning expecting another long day of hauling ships and modules for people on the long trip between Berta and Ikami. To my utter surprise however, the senior crew of White Talon Enterprises had planned a roam around our new space. I was ecstatic. Our first roam in our new home...

Buck Flintrock > when is these roam tonight?  in an hour?
Sorin Markov > :30 i believe
Maxwell Muhilo > wait what roam?
Buck Flintrock > i better hump it then.  30 jumps out in a badger
Maxwell Muhilo > yea book it
Maxwell Muhilo > and what roam?
Sorin Markov > no sry
Sorin Markov > 2:00 Eve time
Buck Flintrock > ah good
Buck Flintrock > I have time
Maxwell Muhilo > so 1 hour
Maxwell Muhilo > but what roam!
Sorin Markov > security operation
Buck Flintrock > lol
Keharna > cruisers and BC's
Maxwell Muhilo > need a pvp ruppy fit
Maxwell Muhilo > does anyone have one
Maxwell Muhilo > rupture that is
Unreal > gank or tank?
Maxwell Muhilo> can i have both?

Unreal proceeded to send me an eveMail  with both of his fits for a rupture, I needed to make a shopping trip, and quick.

I used the inner-station communication system to send a double time order to both my rupture's crew and Scotty in docking control to move the ship into the hanger and get it prepped for flight.

By the time I arrived my wonderful crew had the ship all ready. I quickly climbed into my pod and interfaced it with the ship, thirty seconds later I had laid in a course and we were on our way.

In route I purchased most of the modules I would need to complete the fit, one of them I had in my hanger back at the station. I also bought some new skillbooks I would need in the coming months, and christened the ship, Death in a Rocketcan.

When we arrived at Jita 4-4 I was stunned at the sheer number of people. I had heard stories about the congestion found only here, but I never imagined there would be so many. There were so many, I was uncomfortable and fit my new modules and loaded the skillbooks as quickly as I could and left the system.

We arrived back in Ikami with just minutes to spare. I docked, fitted the last module from the Paul's cargo bay (I haven't had time since the move to unpack) and loaded the ammo I would need. Since I was in a hurry I used the station's automated loading device.

Things went great at first we caught and killed a drake early on. Thats when I found a problem, all my ammo was gone. All at once I realized what I had done, I had made a mistake, I had accidentally loaded the spare ammo into Paul's cargohold instead of the rupture's. To make matters worse I had forgotten to unload the skill books. I was out of ammo, I had to use only my flight of small drones, and my electronic warfare modules for the rest of the night and I was flying around with a couple million ISK worth of books.

We traveled all over the Geminate region, killing anything we could catch, including a Hurricane and a Rapier. Near the end of our roam we narrowly escaped a roaming battleship gang consisting of no less than 6 battleships. We decided that one would be a little too tough in a cruiser/battlecruiser fleet, and made the last few jumps home.

After seeing all the action in my new home, I don't have any regrets leaving OUCH, this was the right decision, Dad was right. Now if I could just remember to bring bullets, instead of books.

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