Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moving Day(IC)

I woke up this morning with my mind made up, I was moving up to The Forge today, if it killed me...on second thought maybe not, I've only had that experience once and it is very disorienting to wake up 15 jumps away in another region. Especially since it was my first time being podded. Still trying to figure out what all that light was about.

I shivered as that memory crossed my mind while I was walking to the mess hall on the Minmatar station in Berta. I immediately forced it out of my thoughts. I wasn't going to let that sort of thinking ruin what could be my last real Matari meal. There aren't very many Minmatar stations up in The Forge. I don't mind Caldari food, mind you, but there's just nothing like a hearty Minmatar breakfast.

After a delicious breakfast, and a final "So long" to the pleasantly plump Matari hostess, I headed to the hanger that berthed my mammoth hauler (Sujanra, brother, if you're reading this, I did mean that as a pun) Paul III. When I arrived, I stepped into the control tower to talk to Scotty.

"Well, Scotty, are we clear to undock?"
"Yes, you are, Sir."
"Thank you. We will be pulling out in five."

I walked down to the deck where I met with Paul III's crew chief, who interestingly enough, is named Paul. Truth be told, he runs all my haulers, I let him hire who he wants to work aboard the others, but the ships are all his responsibility. That's partly why I name them all Paul. He's so proud of those ships.

"Are we all set for the move? All the ships, and less expensive modules?"
"Sir, yes, sir!" He almost shouted with a sharp salute.
"Paul, we aren't working for the Brutor anymore, it's not necessary that you stay so formal." I replied, exasperated.
"Sorry," he said sheepishly, "habit." He's been working hard.
"It's ok. Is the cloak in full working order? I know we are going through high sec, but just in case, it is Amarr space, you know?"
"Yes sir. We checked it this morning. Scotty over there almost let a Tengu dock in on top of us." And then under his breath, he added, "crazy old man...seems like he's everywhere, can't get away."

I could barely contain a guffaw as I ordered everyone on board and undocked this lumbering beast for the first time this day...

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