Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting It All Done(IC)

The first part of the trip was uneventful. I was informed over Alliance comms that a large number of OUCH students were making the same move I was. Thirty-five jumps through high sec space, most of it through Amarr territory. Apparently we were all feeling the same thing about OUCH. We agreed with, and respected what it stood for, but we felt that WTE was the place for us. Who knows, others may yet move on again.

After a long trip through gold plated skys, I finally made it to Ikami VIII-12, WTE's regrouping area for the OUCH fallout. After I docked the ship I bid the crew a temporary farewell over the ship's comms and had my pod transported to the cloning lab, I was about to make my fifth total clone jump back across the galaxy to my old home, back to Rens.

Once back in Rens I immediately had the station crew bring out my packaged Republic Fleet Firetail. While that was underway, I sent out a broadcast to the ships crew that had been enjoying the high life of a hub station. Once the Firetail's crew arrived I had them assemble the ship and get it space worthy while I did a little bit of last minute business, selling off the rest of my possessions in Rens, save for that one implant I've been saving for a special day.

In twenty minutes we were ready to fly, I had never seen a Firetail so close before. Apparently I had so proved my loyalty to the Brutor Tribe, that they were willing to give me one of the Fleet's most prized class of frigate. I was transfixed by the shiny wings that reminded me so much of a hummingbird. I ran my hand down the side of the ship, feeling the cool metal that was so full of power, trying to think of an appropriate name. I finally settled on Serenity, I don't know why, it just seemed...right.

So I boarded with my crew of three, and we set off for Berta, again.

When we arrived I had the crew disassemble the Serenity again for transport and ordered them catch an Interbus shuttle to Ikami. While they worked at their task, I had my Wreathe class hauler brought into the next hanger. When the Serenity was loaded, I gave Paul a video call to make sure everything was in order for my next flight through the very shiny Amarr territory.

About half way back, we were having some technical difficulties, so I steered the ship to a planet and cloaked. Ten minutes later, we were up and running again, the crew reported some minor computer trouble. The rest of the trip was completed without incident.

When we arrived back at Ikami, I washed off and went to my chambers for some much needed rest. A few hours later I got a buzz from Jaz about what was going on. We talked while I organized some moving plans with some other OUCH members that were moving. It looked like I was going to be making another trip today.

I got in touch with Gah'Matar about moving a rupture class cruiser and Dorno about moving......something, he never did say exactly... No matter, as long as it fit in my cargohold and they made me pay as much collateral as they were comfortable with, I was fine (except for the fourth trip through Amarr). A hardy applause for all the ship crews that are somehow able to keep up with my manic movements across New Eden.

A new beginning is on the horizon, what it holds in store for me, I have no idea. One thing I do know is that, whatever it is, it's gonna be fun!

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