Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eve Definitions

This will be an updated, alphabetized  list of words that I use in my blogs for those of my readers that are unfamiliar with EVE Online Terminology. These definitions will be short and to the point, if you want more information, I urge you to search it at Evelopedia. If there is a word you feel I have missed, please leave a comment to let me know.

Agent - A non-player-character(NPC) that gives out missions

Armor - The second of 3 levels of hit points. The first being shields, the last being structure(hull)

Capacitor - Source of energy on a spaceship

Hybrid Turrets - Projectile weapons that fire their charges with energy from the capicitor

Hull - See Structure.

Megathron Gallente Battleship, main form of offence is hybrid turrets, main defense is armor

Missiles - Lock onto a target and fly until impact or run out of fuel, flight distance is determined by max velocity and max flight time

Mission - Assignments given to capsuleers by agents. Can be completed for money and items and standings

Pod(Capsule) - The command capsule for pod pilots(capsuleers). They control their ships from it and it acts as an escape pod when their ship is destroyed

Raven - Caldari Battleship, uses missiles as main form of offence, shields are its main form of defense

Shield Booster(Booster) - Module that actively regenerates shield hit points.

Standing - Your reputation with a particular person, corporation, or faction

Structure - The last of 3 levels of hit points, the first being shields, the second being armor. After this final layer of hit points is destroyed, your ship explodes


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