Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Podcast Review - Week of Mar. 20-26

I'm sorry again folks. Real life has really been kicking my butt this past week. As such I have not had a chance to listen to the podcasts myself, much less post on them. But, as last week's post, I will speed link them. Hopefully this week will go better.

@Broadcasts from the Ninveah 39

@Pod Goo 7

@Fly Reckless 54

@Fly Reckless 55

@Lost in Eve 3-9

@Lost in Eve Extra 10

@Notalotofnews Newshour 42

Monday, March 21, 2011

Podcast Review - Week of Mar. 13-19

As I was away on vacation this week and got almost no time to listen to podcasts, I will not be making a post this week. It also turns out that there were several episodes that my computer managed to miss from the previous week that I also did not get a chance to comment on. So, since I will not be commenting on them I will at least link them here.

Week of Mar. 6-12

@Pod Goo 6

@Fly Reckless 53

@Notalotofnews Newshour 40

These are in addition to the ones I did get a chance to blog about on last week. Now for this week:

Week of 13-19
@Broadcasts from the Ninveah 38

@Cap Stable 6

@Eve Commune 19

@Notalotofnews Newshour 41
The also had a public service announcement

@Starfleet Comms 6

Thank you all for reading and I'll be back on track for the week of the 20th-26th

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Podcast Review: Mar. 6-12

This is just a review of all the podcasts that came out this week. I will include my thoughts, corrections and suggestions into sections divided by podcast. I will update this several times throughout the week as new podcasts are released and I have a chance to listen to them.

This week has been really slow for podcasts. Also next week I will be out of town for spring break. I will still try to make my weekly post, but that may just not be possible.

@evecommune 18
I'd like to subscribe to EON, but I want the full set and I don't want duplicates when I eventually order the entire backlog.

That fact that death in EVE comes with a real punishment (aka. actually losing something) is one of my favorite things about it.

They rambled about the possibility to start as a member of a pirate faction. I give this idea 2 thumbs way, way up.

It is a definite truth that in a game your rl morals don apply. That's the point isn't it? It's an RPG. Role Playing Game. You play a role. No one said the role you had to play was the same one you "play" in real life. I will admit that I do tend to play Max pretty close to myself, but he's a bit more direct than I tend to be. I'll work around a conversation until I've what I feel what I meant actually gets across (I've had experiences where someone dear to me misunderstood what I meant by something and led to an uncomfortable confrontation). Max makes no apologies accept to his dearest friends. Anyone else that takes something the wrong way can shove off. I feel that this story is a good example.

They mentioned this Freebooted article. I read that at work the other day...DON'T. It's not that is NSFW, it's just so darn funny.

I find the prospect of project halibut interesting. And I would really like an armband, so I will be donating an old mission raven of mine that I have laying around.

@Lost in Debate 2, @Lost In Debate 2
I will not be commenting on these this week as I was listening to them for my benifit and I honestly don't know enough to argue on any point. I will say this however, if you haven't voted yet, listen to these before you do, I hope Jade and Jayne put out some more this weekend. I'll be waiting to vote until I find out.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Podcast Review: Feb. 27- Mar. 5

Sorry this one is a day late. But a assure you, it is not a dollar short.

This is just a review of all the podcasts that came out this week. I will include my thoughts, corrections and suggestions into sections divided by podcast. I will update this several times throughout the week as new podcasts are released and I have a chance to listen to them.

@evecommune 17
Hey good to hear Fergus's voice. You got a good guest in that one Garheade.

Part of the fix that CCP implemented that keeps GCC from going viral through the logistics ships in a fleet is that no you can't repair someone who has GCC. I think that applies just to highsec or if it counts in lowsec too. If it does apply to lowsec, that could be a problem.

I also enjoyed Kirith's post telling the bittervets where they could stick it. In much nicer terms....

I really like that way of looking at eve. It's not our game, it's just the one we choose to play. I think the eve community as a whole seems to forget that simple fact sometimes. We've been spoiled by how well CCP listens to us, that we think we have a right to their attention, but we don't. There are many that would do well to be reminded of this fact.

I'm gonna have to try the tweetfleet challenge sometime.

@Lost in Conversation 7
Ooo! Pretty "Laedy" voice! Ok, on to business.

I have to agree with Hallen that those who whine about the new sovereignty system are wrong. Besides there are fewer timers for everyone to try to "alarm clock" themselves to. In my opinion this is a good idea.

Jump bridges do change the tactical landscape and that changes the way people operate with in that space. It give a "home-field" advantage that I believe is an incredible addition to the game. I will concede that maybe they are a bit over powered. I think some of the proposals that have been floating around the last couple of weeks would be good. Maybe not all of them combined but just one would probably do the trick.

Don't have much more to say this week. I don't know much about null sec, but I did get to learn a thing or two.

@Pod Goo 4
I really like the new music. I noticed it even before you mentioned it. Really awesome.

I think part of the reason there isn't quite as much uproar on the forums(there is still a lot but not as much in past years) because people are becoming accustomed to this occasion. It's becoming a regular thing so people expect it now and they are beginning to realize that it is not going to stop. No matter what they do.

I'm going to have to check those video playlists out. That sound like they will be really cool. Link to videos.

I did read that post about the corp thief that got caught. This post by Planetary Genocide, an old corp mate of mine reflects my thoughts.

I do happen to have a story about corp theft for you. Executed by my friend Planetary Genocide. Link Part 1, Link Part 2, Link Part 3

@Broadcasts from the Ninveah 37
I don't really have a lot of input for you this week on Kirith's blog. He gave a good presentation of his opinions. I don't really agree or disagree on any particular point except that I agree that Hulkaggedon is legal if a little over-justified  where no justification is needed.

@Notalotofnews 39
Stargate SG1!!! I love that show. Well loved, they finally ended it after 10 years.

I had noticed that your website was a little shaky there. It's good to hear that its up and running again as it should be. I really like the way the new site looks. And I guess I'll register for the forums so I can post my weekly link.

I was wondering if you knew about the secret Jita insta-undock. There is s moon right in front of the undock that you can warp right to. My preferred method is to use a bookmark in-between the two that I set up. It greatly reduces your chances of getting ganked.

I have a kestral fit that I defeated Planetary Genocide with. If you'd like to see it, just send me an email to maxwell.muhilo@gmail.com or eve-mail me at Maxwell Muhilo and I'll be more than willing to show it to you. I don't know how well it'll work against another Caldari pilot though.

@Cap Stable 5
Clone jumping up to grab your drake, but you just need to keep in mind that they are slow. And you should have taken your stealth bomber out anyway any halfway decent FC will be able to use you, especially because you are flying a cloaky ship that can double as a scout.

The CSM debates are going to be really cool. I have actually decided that I'm not going to vote for someone who doesn't go on. I want to see a little effort put forth if they want my vote.

Sophillea, I am really looking forward to Incarna as well.

Thank you all for the shout out.

@Tale of 2 Pilots 1
So there is a new podcast in the EvE blog-o-sphere. Unfortunately this first episode is all about jump bridges which has been beaten to death. This is not to say that I have nothing to say just that I'm not going to say again the same things I have already said in the same post.

Gevlin sounded like he was whining when he was using the excuse that he can't find any kills as a reason to do away with jump bridges. I just want to say, please stop sounding like a carebear. You want to complain that you have to go so far to find kills, well what about those hauler pilots. How many jumps would they have to go in order to do their job? At least they are in slow ships and you stand a chance to catch them. I would just as you to give real reasons for your opinions, not whining.

@Pod Goo 5
The first thing I want to say is. Darn you! Two podcasts in one week, and on a week that I'm behind? Jerk! Ok, ok, I'm just kidding, but you knew that. So! On to business.

I would like to know from where do you derive your character name Ender? And Mechanoid as well.

Please do the phone app for watching pos fuel. I would love it and even pay a bit for it as I am the fuel manager for my corp.

I don't know who I'm voting for yet either. I am very much looking forward to the Lost in Eve debates. I have decided that I will not vote for someone who does not participate in them as I want to vote for someone who is willing to put forth the effort to engage with the community.

For next weeks Derp of the Week. A cheeta with warp core stabilizers fit. This is doing it wrong! And yes Planetary Genocide is my friend. Link