Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Podcast Review - Week of Feb. 20-26

This is just a review of all the podcasts that came out this week. I will include my thoughts, corrections and suggestions into sections divided by podcast. I will update this several times throughout the week as new podcasts are released and I have a chance to listen to them.

@Broadcasts from the Ninveah 36
The first thing I'm going to say about this episode is that it was refreshing to see someone who has been playing so long that is excited by Incarna. I know I'm excited about it. The images they gave us in the devbog were really sweet. And I don't think CCP "only" has this to show for all the time they've been working on it. I think they have fun being very secretive and tantalizing us will mouth-watering morsels as they get closer to release day. He has a lot of good points on why Incarna is a good thing.

@Notalotofnews Newshour 38
New URL. Used above ^.
Speaking of Incarna and how it is going to "ruin" this space ship game, all I have to say is that it may be a spaceship game, but a Sci-Fi simulator is far better.

I do have a question for Erin. What do you mean by "chasing things down" in a Tengu? Heavy missiles have a range of over 100 km. A properly fit Tengu at all level 5 skills has a range of 126.6 km with tech1 missiles. And your targeting range is 81.25 km, and if you are shooting that far you only need one mod to extend it beyond 100 km. And besides max drone range is no more than 80 km unless you are flying Gallente. Trust me, when using a Tengu in a PVE situation, you don't really need drones.

The thing you need to know about wormholes is that, while you can make a lot of money there, it is a lot of work logistically. Jade will tell you.

Amamake is not a route to 0.0 but it is a bottleneck into a large section of lowsec. It is also enough of a hub that CCP seeds its market on Singularity. Also Auga is right next door to it so it is not surprising that it is up there with the most violent.

Thank you guys for the shout out. I really wasn't expecting it.

One thing you can do when you get can-flipped by someone who takes your ore and puts it in a can of their own is to go get your hauler, get on the opposite side of your can, align for the station, grab your ore, warp back. The only problem with this method is that now you are stuck with a 15 minute aggression timer, during which they are allowed to shoot you.

As for what you should outlaw in your frigate fight with Jayne. ECM does not include things like tracking disrupting or dampening. ECM is its own form of electronic warfare. Everything else, including webbing, scramming, nos, neut, etc. are all electronic warfare as well. Therefore, while I agree that in a one on one fight that ECM should be disallowed, the others should not.

@Lost in EVE 3-8
Hulkageddon! As I have stated before, I am a supporter of this event. The only problem I have with it is that it hinders my ability to conduct logistics from our hole, we have plenty of stuff to move out, but it's too risky right now.

I am looking forward to getting to hear a woman's voice on a regular basis. Y'all are married but I am not and I've got my fingers crossed that whoever she is will have a sexy voice. Not creepy sexy, but hot.

Congratulations on being referred to as the "Flagship podcast of EvE.

My opinion of the jumpbridge controversy is that they should stay. They are a wonderful example of how the players can shape the landscape around them. This is the same reason that I believe Hulkageddon is a wonderful thing. This is awesome. Also, titan bridges are not designed for this purpose. They are more for rapid tactical deployment in combat.

You were discussing a name for the CSM debates. I have a name for you. Lost in Translation. I was gonna suggest it for Lost in Conversation but I kept putting it off until it was too late. But I think it would go well with the CSM anyway. I think you should still include a wormhole status, I love that segment(I don't expect you to but it would be nice).

On the topic of macro miners, it needs to be understood that not all macroers are miners and not all of them are RMTers. Both botters and RMTers are problems, but they are not the same thing. Even if it is true that most RMTers use bots. And I have to disagree that wormholers have created more isk in the game. The truth is that the only way to bring isk into the game is through DED Bounties. AKA Killing Pirate rats. Anything else is just a changing of hands. I'll have to disagree with you that removing all the bots tomorrow would cause the market it crash. Prices may go up, but isn't that what everyone wants? I know Jade has been complaining about it, mineral prices in the gutter, and besides there is history to study. Unholy Rage, an event where CCP perma-banned some 6000 accounts for botting and RMT. The prices did fluctuate a bit, but nothing drastically. I talked to a friend of mine who was playing the game at that time. He told me that he didn't even notice. The only reason he even knew was that he read about it. And how it would effect the market and whether banning botters would be a problem for CCP or not is irrelevant. Botting is against the EULA, and that's all there is to it.

The shield tanking question is a problem. Even if you personally don't notice it. I use a booster as well, but I know that it should not happen. I have written up what I think is a balanced proposal on the Lost in Eve forums and in the Assembly Hall.

The idea of a "Battle of the Podcasters" is awesome. And I do believe my couch is safe. No one wanted it as it was but I like it. It's hideous, but it is really comfy.

@PodGoo 3
I found it very interesting that a lot of the concerns being expressed by so many EvE players were already addressed, years ago.

I will agree that killmails are an essential part of EvE. They are there for the reasons Ender mentions, mercenary resumes, roleplaying, etc. But they are also good just for bragging rights. How is you average eve pirate supposed to collect those delicious tears without proof to show that they did anything?

Last thing. If you are going to install SiSi, use this Singularity Installer.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Podcast Review - Week of Feb. 13-19

This is just a review of all the podcasts that came out this week. I will include my thoughts, corrections and suggestions into sections divided by podcast. I will update this several times throughout the week as new podcasts are released and I have a chance to listen to them.

Still looking for a better title.

@Lost in Eve Extra 8
So there's an announcement that Lost in Eve is looking for a new co-host, and not just any co-host, a female one. I think this is a great idea. It will give a new perspective on EvE, even if she had the same sort of game background as Jade and Jayne, it would still be a different way of looking at things. I would like to warn J & J that they'll have to keep their eye on this one. The reason being that there is a reason that fighter jet help systems use female voices. Statistics show that men respond better to a female voice then to a male voice, and with most fighter pilots being me(especially at the time this static was taken) it was decided that the voice for the help systems would be female. I'm just kidding of course, all that might realistically happen is a wider audience, which is awesome.

@Lost in Conversation 6
I didn't really have a lot to say about this one. I don't really want to get into the Hulkaggedon controversy so all I will say about it is this. I think it is a wonderful example of how players can effect this game unlike any other and I fully support it even if I don't get to participate.

Now something I did like that they talked about was how killboards aren't really everything when it comes to representing how good you are in PVP. In the podcasts they mentioned that the industrials are important because without them, there are not ships and without ships there is no pvp. They also mentioned logistic pilots, how they will never be on a killboard except as a victim but they server an essential role to keeping the entire fleet alive. The one role like this that they did not mention is one that I have a personal fondness for, the scout. I love scouting, I get better at it everyday. Without the scout the fleet could miss a good fight, or jump into a blog that will destroy them. The scout is the eyes and ears of the fc, or, in some cases, is the fc. But they don't get on killmails. They are usually at least a system away.

@Notalotofnews Newshour 37
Moar Hulkaggedon. I'm not going into that again.

Apparently Lost in Eve has an e-on add. Let me see if I can find it outside the magazine...

Awesome right? It has a Ragnarok in the coffee cup. I love it!

I would like to know when this fight between Jayne and Erin is supposed to take place. Just let me know and I'll make sure he makes it to highsec if I have to scan through 1000 wormholes to do it. Although a lowsec would work just as well as long as he took his cov ops. Short of that, I'd just like to be there to film it.

It's strange that only the top 5 damage dealers would get rewarded in Incursions. The mechanic, according to a devblog, is "designed for groups and based on site objectives" the bullet point on how the system should work are as follows:
"·         To actual combat ships: no pods, shuttles or cloaked vessels
 ·         To players who are inside the site when it is completed
 ·         To players in the fleet that participated the most in the site in question; if there is more than one fleet in   
            a site, others won't be paid. CONCORD only rewards the most effective capsuleers. If you are not
            ready to face the competition, we recommend you either merge your fleets together, or spread out to 
           other unchecked sites.
·         Depending on the player numbers in the most contributing fleet. A ratio is calculated from the total 
          number of active fleet players in the site and how many players this site is from. The closer, the better.
So even if you are the logistics guy, as long as you are in the fleet that does the best you should still get a portion of the reward, as long as you don't cloak.

Lastly, it sounded a little strange to me that you could train up the other races subsystem skills to level one or two that you would decrease the chance that you would loose a big level 5 skill. I did some checking and what I can find says that the skill lost is racial specific. If you die in a Tengu, then you lose a Caldari skill.

@Cap Stable 4
She said "little" panthers. *chuckle*

They talked about having to update each instance of EvE separately. I have a suggestion. Try downloading the manual patch. That way you could just download it once and then install it several times.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Alright, Let's Give This Another Go

Hello. It's been awhile. A lot of things have happened since I last posted. I've moved into a wormhole, got an alt and trained her for the orca and scanning and lvl 5 Command Center Upgrades and Interplanetary Consolidation. Yea, been a while.

I have a new plan to try and stick with posting this time, and here it is.

1. I had an idea for a new serial post (weekly) that will include the input I always have while listening to podcasts. Since they have had such a large effect on my EvE career, I thought that would be appropriate.

2. I bought me a little pocket notebook where I can jot down notes at anytime instead of having to wait until I was at a computer. It also has the added side effect that it lets me wait until it is convenient to post instead of having to take a large amount of time to sit down and write a full post while I'm thinking about it.

3. Prayer, I want to be a part of this wonderful community that is EvE Online. So I'm going to pray that I can stick with doing this thing that I enjoy.