Sunday, December 4, 2011


If you like and have played Skyrim, you must listen to it. Listen to it anyway.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ok, I know I've said this before

But I can finally, truly, see the light where I have time to listen to podcasts again. I finally got a job and they let you listen to music, and other, while working, I just have to get through training first. It may yet be a month or two before I can get back in to the swing of things. On the other hand it might not take that long as I will soon be getting my own appartment and will have time to do what ever I want. I am currently staying with relatives in the city where the job is located. My cousin and I are working on putting together a minecraft server for one of us to host from our places of residence. We had a professionally hosted one with BroHoster, but if you have been following the the MC world, you know that they recently ceased to exist as a company. Fortunately we were able to get a backup of our world and we are going to put it on this machine to save money. We got it really cheap cause the screen is busted, but is still usable. So cheap in fact, that it will pay for itself within 4 months.

So, what am I doing at this moment? Relaxing after a long day of training, drinking a hard lemonade, waiting for my cousin to get back with a camera so we can have some fun with green screen. We are making videos for our gaming clan.

Live Long and Die Laughing,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fearless, Virtual Goods, and Rage

This is my response to the leaked newsletter and the devblog response

Lets start with what I agree with. I agree with Zulu in that people dragging other people "through the mud" is overboard and should not have gone there. My concerns are with CCP's strategies going forward And as long as he is not covering for future plans by pointing to the fine print that the newsletter that it does 

"not reflect
general CCP company policies
or decisions and are strictly
individual opinions, written by
CCPers or about CCPers who
feel strongly about these issues."

then I also agree with him that the general reaction is a bit overboard.

I do not agree with his point on pricing. The thing to remember is that these are virtual goods and will never be anything more. The pricing needs to be more reasonable. 60 USD for an eyepatch? Really? Has anyone at CCP actually done the math? I am all for selling vanity items for real money, I truly am, but they need to be at a cost that can actually be justified for something that will never leave your computer screen. As a note, even I as anti "extra money" as I am, would buy a pair of some really cool pants for 7$ and never more than 10$.

I do have a problem with allowing the purchasing of actual items/skill points/faction standing for real money. I know, I know, Plex already allows this blah, blah, blah (for the items anyway). But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the rumors floating around about the ability to buy a "painted ship" call it a pink kestral from the Nex. Let me be clear, I have no problems with pink or even hello kitty kestrals, I would shoot them without a second tought, but I have no problem with them being possible. What I have a problem with is that CCP is considering the idea to let the player but that pink kestral straight from the NeX, the ship. If you are going to have a pink kestral, I think you should have to trade a regular kestral and pay extra for the paint. The problem with just giving you the ship, is that no a kestral manufacturer is out his money because someone didn't have to buy it from him, he got it from CCP directly.

Those are my thoughts.

Live long and die Laughing,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update 5-25-2011

So the world didn't end, the US has had 2 F5 tornadoes in less than 2 months and Japan almost sunk. Lots of stuff has been happening. As for this blog and the famous Podcast Reviews, I am almost ready to start again.

I did manage to graduate. WOOT! But I am still looking for a job (If any of you know of any openings for a computer tech/programmer let me know) and I am currently getting up to date on all the podcasts. I am currently still a few weeks behind. I am going to Orlando, Florida from Jackson, Mississippi via Montgomery, Alabama this weekend so I ought to have plenty of time to catch up on those long drives.

That's all for now, Fly Safe.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RL Keeping Me Away

I'm sorry for the dry spell folks. I am in the last few weeks of school and there is simply too much to do and not enough time to do it. I haven't even had a chance to listen to the podcast the last 2 weeks much less post on them.

On the bright side, I am graduating this go around so I should be able to get back to it in a month or so.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Podcast Review - Week of Mar. 27 - Apr. 2

Ok, I'm running a little behind this week but I only have two more to go.

@Lost in Conversation 10
I saw the EvE Future Vision and it was indeed very awesome. I have watched it at least 20 times at this point. Another video that CCP released this week is the New Turrets video, this is not a final production piece, but it is showing us something that they are working on.

In regards to the bounty system. It is absolutely true that it needs some very serious work. Unfortunately, as someone who does not have a lot of pvp experience, I don't think I am qualified to come up with a solution that would work.

At fanfest CCP talked about revamping the smuggler system. I think this is a wonderful idea. They may have gone too far the other direction with it and made it too easy, but we will see. One really good thing about the new system is that it will give us a solid use for Incarna because they will not be selling the illegal goods on the market. You will have to leave your ship and go find the peddlers yourself.

I also agree that something is un-probe-able ships are completely overpowered. The best way to fix this would just to be the way the scanning system works. One thing that I've never been able to figure out why a ships sensor strength has any effect on how scannable it is. It seems to me that the probing difficulty should be based on signature radius. I know that already plays a part but why would you need ANYTHING else to effect it. So, I'll pose a question, How would your ship's sensor strength effect someone else's probes scanning power?

Also Jade, I have a link for you. Use this when people are asking you questions or you are telling some to use Google. Let Me Google That For You. You type in what you want to search and it generates a link then it shows them how to google it. For example to google The Bastards eve corp.

@Podgoo 8
On the subject of the graphs in the Inventory Setification blog. Specifically the Jita one. The work they did almost halfed the CPU load. That is amazing work. Go hash tables.

And yes I read the entire post about the database hardware upgrades. Very on-turning. The metrics were very impressive as well. I don't care what bitter old vets say, CCP is working on lag and they are making great strides.

Also I sent you a mail about Birmingham.

@Notalotofnews Newshour 43
You mentioned live broadcasts. I'll definitely listen in, how can I connect to that?

As far as I'm aware, the captain's quarters is not supposed to be the only thing coming out with Incarna this summer. I think that it's just supposed to be the first iteration.

I had not considered the cycle that First Person Shooters follow. I've been really excited about Dust 514, but Ender posed a good question, what is CCP going to do to ensure that the people who buy their game are going to keep playing it?

I really liked the new nebulae and turrets but I had the same concern, will the turrets cause delay or with that just be client side flavor.

In the fanfest videos, Soundwave says that the are doing away with agent quality, but I've also heard that it is going to be a dynamic system. Which is true? Does anyone know?

@Eve Commune 20
Didn't have much to say for you guys this week. Just that that blog post by Hallan Turrek was very informative and I will even be using some of his advice.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Podcast Review - Week of Mar. 20-26

I'm sorry again folks. Real life has really been kicking my butt this past week. As such I have not had a chance to listen to the podcasts myself, much less post on them. But, as last week's post, I will speed link them. Hopefully this week will go better.

@Broadcasts from the Ninveah 39

@Pod Goo 7

@Fly Reckless 54

@Fly Reckless 55

@Lost in Eve 3-9

@Lost in Eve Extra 10

@Notalotofnews Newshour 42