Saturday, March 12, 2011

Podcast Review: Mar. 6-12

This is just a review of all the podcasts that came out this week. I will include my thoughts, corrections and suggestions into sections divided by podcast. I will update this several times throughout the week as new podcasts are released and I have a chance to listen to them.

This week has been really slow for podcasts. Also next week I will be out of town for spring break. I will still try to make my weekly post, but that may just not be possible.

@evecommune 18
I'd like to subscribe to EON, but I want the full set and I don't want duplicates when I eventually order the entire backlog.

That fact that death in EVE comes with a real punishment (aka. actually losing something) is one of my favorite things about it.

They rambled about the possibility to start as a member of a pirate faction. I give this idea 2 thumbs way, way up.

It is a definite truth that in a game your rl morals don apply. That's the point isn't it? It's an RPG. Role Playing Game. You play a role. No one said the role you had to play was the same one you "play" in real life. I will admit that I do tend to play Max pretty close to myself, but he's a bit more direct than I tend to be. I'll work around a conversation until I've what I feel what I meant actually gets across (I've had experiences where someone dear to me misunderstood what I meant by something and led to an uncomfortable confrontation). Max makes no apologies accept to his dearest friends. Anyone else that takes something the wrong way can shove off. I feel that this story is a good example.

They mentioned this Freebooted article. I read that at work the other day...DON'T. It's not that is NSFW, it's just so darn funny.

I find the prospect of project halibut interesting. And I would really like an armband, so I will be donating an old mission raven of mine that I have laying around.

@Lost in Debate 2, @Lost In Debate 2
I will not be commenting on these this week as I was listening to them for my benifit and I honestly don't know enough to argue on any point. I will say this however, if you haven't voted yet, listen to these before you do, I hope Jade and Jayne put out some more this weekend. I'll be waiting to vote until I find out.

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