Monday, February 1, 2010

Changing Corps(IC)

For the last week I have been a member of OUCH, a 0.0 space training corporation, while here I have found many good people. Including Jaz'minh, Gah'matar, Planetary Genocide. People I hope to spend time with in the future. As it turns out my new university is going through some rough times.  Our alliance mates over in White Talon Enterprises are moving north to The Forge (oh geeze, Jita) and invited OUCH to follow, with moving assistance offered. I was all for the move (Jita, bedarned), so when Black Claw decided it wasn't a good idea, I was presented with a decision. I didn't know what to do. WTE sounded like the place for me, they were Caldari, sure, but this group were sympathetic to the Minmatar, my people! They even had a Matari man leading the industrial division.

On the other hand, OUCH offered plenty of learning opportunities that may or may not be found elsewhere.

As I pondered this question, I thought "Why not get some work done?" So I undocked my second rifter out to kill some Angel scum. As it turns out this was a bad idea. After I knocked out one warp disruption bubble, I found me some targets. Unfortunately, since I was shooting them with other things on my mind, I forgot to keep an eye out for hostiles in 0.0. A costly mistake. A tengu and a falcon caught me and tore the Cargo Container to pieces. Managed to save my pod and get back to home base in Berta without being subjugated to the cold, hard vacuum  of space.

By the time I had washed all the pod gunk off of my body, I had made up my mind. Dad had always told me that I should do two things: "Go with your gut." and "Make your own decisions." I was going to join forces with Calculon and the others in White Talon Enterprises.

My name is Maxwell Muhilo.
I am a Brutor.
I make my own decisions!

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